'Digimon Links' news: Players like simplicity of game

"Digimon Links" has finally been released for iOS and Android. Players, both old and new are finding basic gameplay ironically refreshing and pleasing.

In "Digimon Links," players will catch and breed Digimon in a town where they can all live and play like happy little kids. The mobile app game is a resounding step-back from "Digimon: Next Order." Gamers are actually finding this game a change of pace from games like "NieR: Automata," "The Witcher 3," or even "Destiny 2."

The basic and seemingly casual gameplay will remind mobile gamers of "Dragon City," or even "Farmville." However, since the title game is from the anime "Digimon," a battle system is implemented. Yet, even this is a call back from the PlayStation One days of the game series.

A gamer will need to put three of his favorite digital monsters against three hostile digital monsters when in story mode. The combat system is the familiar turn-based attacks where the player wins when the opposition has no more Digimon left. Of course, like role-playing games (RPG) of old, each Digimon will have an elemental weakness and strength, as well as favored parameters that will set apart one Digimon from the other.

On the gaming app's official website, a very helpful game description read, "Digimon Links features a whole range of Digimon from past Digital Monsters series entries. Train Digimon on your Farm and try out the new, turn-based 3 VS 3 "Digimon Training Battle" system! Prepare to face the sudden, unexplained strange phenomena in the Digital World alongside your Digimon!"

This ad blurb alone sums up the gaming experience offered by the mobile app. While gamers these days will find the game repetitive in all eventuality, the premise of the game since it was first released for PS One, was never of the hardcore gaming scene. The battles are there because the story dictates it. Other than that, Digimon are actually the upgraded version of the Japanese digital pet "Tamagotchi."