'Dead Island 2' release date moved to 2016

Deep Silver website

It seems that the release of the anticipated sequel "Dead Island 2" was bumped to next year.

Developer Deep Silver has announced on their official Twitter account that their zombie shooter "Dead Island 2" will instead be released next year, instead of this year's anticipated spring launch. Saying that they haven't achieved what they wanted from the game yet, the developer will instead be focusing solely on development and will work hard to make the game available by next year. The company also promises details to be divulged as the development comes along.

Deep Silver said, "A game that takes what our fans tell us they love about Dead Island – multiple different characters to play with, co-op, and turning a paradise setting into a zombie slaughter melee – and a game that adds a ton more content and combat options on top of that."

"We know that our fans will be disappointed by this news, but by giving Dead Island 2 more time we are confident that everyone will get a better game to play as a result."

Fans expect that with this delay, the development on the game will take it to new heights and will introduce a slew of new characters, features, and tweaked gameplay. In previous posts, the developers promised that "Dead Island 2" will add role playing elements, a new and improved melee combat system, and will introduce handcrafted weapons. There will also be a multiplayer mode that will match up to eight players against the horde.

With the news that it will instead be released on 2016, "Dead Island 2" joins other titles that are currently on hold and are reported to have postponed launches. Other games that are currently on ice include the new "Legend of Zelda" for the Wii U and the fourth instalment for the "Uncharted" series.