'Dead Dozen' news: Fresh new multiplayer zombie game announced

Promotional photo for "Dead Dozen"Dead Dozen Official Website

Zombie games may be a-dime-a-dozen today, but that did not stop some developers from making more of them, as "Dead Dozen" gets announced.

Indie developer Fntastic has released a teaser trailer unveiling their new multiplayer zombie shooter game. Similar to other multiplayer zombie first-person shooters (FPS), "Dead Dozen" will feature a team of soldiers who will have to survive hordes of hungry and murderous zombies.

The twist is that the players, instead of controlling the team of soldiers, will be in the shoes, or in the flesh of the zombies, giving the zombie game a fresh new take on the sub-genre.

That said, the players will not start out as zombies.Gamers will have to start off as one of the soldiers, where they must seek shelter, find food, and conserve guns and ammunition in order to survive. Should they fail, however, and get killed by zombies, they will respawn as one of them.

This transition will pit the players against their friends who might still be one of the few remaining human soldiers. The last man alive standing wins, giving the game a chaotic gameplay mechanic where players can both work with and against one another.

As human soldiers, players will have to defend and barricade their position while killing off as many zombies as possible. As zombies, players will have to find a way to break or get through the barricades and kill the human survivors. This is certainly a fresh and interesting new twist on the zombie game genre.

As of now, though, the game is still early in its development phase, and no actual release or open beta date has been announced or projected by the developers.

Still, eager players can have access to the alpha version of the game, which is set to be launched on Jan. 8, 2018. This version will only contain one map and is limited in scope. It also might contain a lot of bugs and glitches, which will have to be reported to the developers. The alpha version access costs $14.99.