Daniel St. Hubert captured: NYC suspect who stabbed 2 children in elevator arrested


Daniel St. Hubert, the suspect responsible stabbing two innocent children in New York City has been captured.

Hubert stabbed six-year-old Prince Joshua Avitto to death, and is also responsible for stabbing his playmate Mikayla Capers, who is also just seven-years-old, on June 1, in an elevator. The children were playing outside and had decided to go back home to get some ice-cream, when they were attacked in the elevator. Capers remains in a critical condition.

The suspect has been on the run since Sunday, but has been caught by NYPD Wednesday evening, according to New York Post.

Hubert was arrested on 133rd avenue and 145th street in the Queens neighborhood of South Ozone Park.

Hubert, 27, could also be responsible for the murder of Brooklyn teenager Tanaya Grant-Copeland, who was also attacked on May 30.

He was identified as the suspect for the fatal elevator stabbing after his DNA was found on the 80inch knife that he used. According to his criminal database, he was arrested nine times previously and was only just paroled on May 23 after seven years in prison for assault. He was also previously convicted of assaulting a cop and a corrections officer.

After Hubert was identified as the man who stabbed the children in the elevator, a $62,000 reward was announced for his capture.

Hubert carried out all his attacks in East New York, and has been described by Avitto's father as someone who hung around the neighborhood in East New York. He told the Daily News that he "resembles a guy I used to give a dollar to, a cigarette, a quarter, people fed him."