'Dance Moms' season 5 spoilers: Nia, Kendall get caught between dance rehearsals and shooting music video in episode 16 'Video Killed the ALDC Star'

Dance Moms season 5Lifetime

After giving Murrieta Dance Project an electrifying performance last week and eventually trouncing the group that drastically won over them before, the Abby Lee Dance Company is heading off to another fierce competition. New challenges await Abby's victory-hungry dance troop as they establish their reputation on the dance floor. 

The new episode of "Dance Moms" season 5 has a title that is figuratively accurate. Called "Video Killed the ALDC Star," the episode shows the team up for a new dance war in Los Angeles, with Abby and the group relying on JoJo and Kendall for their big win. But sorry to say, the youngsters are busy with something else. 

Unfortunately, the attention of the talented dancers, Kendall, in particular, is divided. As the synopsis for the new episode describes, Kendall will be using up her precious time intended for rehearsing her "challenging" solo to shoot her new music video with Nia, who will be competing alongside her as well. 

Nia and Kendall have their eyes on becoming pop stars apart from being dance prodigies, but the pair just can't seem to get the best of both worlds without falling short on one. And it looks like Abby does not want it to be the dancing that gets sacrificed. After all, it is the last competition in L.A. to nail. 

Moms Holly and Jill, however, remain unfazed and continuously support their brilliant kids in taking the singing path as well. But with the women's competitive sides taking over, it will only be a matter of time before this episode, as Lifetime Network puts it, turns into an "all out war." Ultimately, the L.A. competition is not the only warfare viewers will be seeing but plenty more from the antagonizing moms. 

In remains to be seen how Nia and Kendall will pull it off, but with their dance prowess, they might just snag this victory once more.

"Dance Moms" season 5 episode 16 titled "Video Killed the ALDC Star" will air on April 21.