Creative evangelism in Latvia

As a student, it never occurred to Dave Glover that one meeting would prove life transforming. He recalls the event that is moving him on today, 35 years later with a developing ministry in Latvia.

|PIC1|"OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners) evangelists spoke about their work. I thought 'I like what they’re doing. I’d like to be doing that myself'."

At the time, he was studying at Lebanon Missionary Bible Training College in Berwick-upon-Tweed. As soon as he completed his studies, Dave trained with OAC to become an evangelist.

He explains, "The training really enabled me to communicate the Gospel in interesting and attractive ways. It opened all kinds of doors of opportunities for me to share with people of different backgrounds and ages."

This year marks his tenth year as national director of OAC in UK. Dave is moving on by stepping down as director at the end of the year, but continuing his involvement with the outreach in Latvia which has developed under his directorship.

He notes, "Serving as UK director heightened my awareness of OAC evangelism around the world. That’s why it is important to encourage travel for effective world outreach. Creative evangelism tools are relevant to all cultures.

"Yet it’s more than just innovative tools, it’s a mindset. To communicate the Good News of Jesus means engaging with people in completely varied circumstances. Many of us go to schools, prisons and ships.

"I’ve preached in remote African villages to full churches at midnight with the illumination of a single candle. Closer to home, I’ve taken part in sport days where I’ve spoken about my faith."

Now as Chairman of the Board of Directors in Latvia, Dave is encouraging the growing
ministry of national workers. Under his directorship, OAC trained and equipped Stuart
and Ceinwen Burnside who felt called to establish this ministry. Their three daughters
also participate, using their varied gifts to present Christ through sketchboard illustrations, puppetry and high impact visual object lessons.

In Riga local believers conduct evangelism, with teams forming in other areas too. Riga officials have just granted permission for open air work. Already, large crowds are being drawn and people are responding favourably.

This July, Dave Glover went to Latvia to take part in a vision day and camp as well as open air meetings. He sums up, "OAC has been central to my incredible journey as an evangelist. Our links will remain strong as I will be involved with training young
evangelists. My sole ambition is to remain faithful to the original call of 'presenting Christ by all means everywhere."

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