Couple tiffs: the messy home

Finances can be a common cause of stress and tension among couples but a messy home can also make them reach boiling point, according to new research.

In a poll of 500 US couples by ShopSmart, 40 per cent said they fight about untidiness more than money.

A common gripe is things not being put away properly. Women were a lot more likely to report being different from their partner in this respect - 69% to 51% respectively.

More than two thirds (67%) said they just put the items away or clean them up themselves. Only a fifth (21%) said they ask their partner to clear up and only 19% leave it until their partner puts it away.

And when it comes to who is the messier of the two, both seem to think it is the other half. Only 26% of women said they were the messier partner, compared to 39% of men.

The one thing both the men and the women can agree on, however, is that they items they find most annoying to be misplaced are the keys and bills.

"Our poll found that men and women have different opinions about being organized and dealing with clutter," said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart.

Her advice to couples? "Tackle organising challenges before they lead to bigger issues for your home and your relationship."