Council rejects Brixton lap dancing application

Christians have welcomed a decision by a London Council not to give approval to a lap dancing application.

Lambeth Council rejected the bid to open a lap dancing venue in a residential area of Brixton.

The Christian Legal Centre supported a local resident who had serious concerns about the appropriateness of such a venue in the area.

A council hearing heard from one local resident how she felt uncomfortable returning home to see customers entering and exiting the club, and girls employed by the club standing in the entrance on their breaks.

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: "We're delighted that Lambeth Council has refused to grant a licence to this venue, which has already been a blight on the local community for a number of years.

"If you wish to resist a sex establishment application, please contact the Christian Legal Centre. We will support you. After achieving many victories this year, we are confident that more successes are possible."

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