Conference to mark 150th anniversary of 'Origin of Species'

|PIC1|November 2009 sees the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s hugely influential book, On The Origin of Species.

Since its publication Christians have differed regarding whether and how Darwinian evolution is compatible with Christian faith.

Next month’s God and Darwinian Evolution Day Conference is bringing together Christians who understand the scientific, biblical and theological issues to act as expert guides through the tangled web of opinions.

The God and Darwinian Evolution Day Conference is jointly sponsored by Paternoster and the King’s Bible College and Training Centre, Oxford and will take place at The King’s Conference Centre, Oxford on 13 November.

Speakers include Denis Alexander, Ernest Lucas, Stephen Lloyd and Jeremy Blake discussing such issues as Evolutionary Creationism, Creation and the Story-line of the Bible and Is Darwinian evolution compatible with Christian teaching about The Fall and sin?

Robin Parry, Editorial Director for Paternoster, said, "We are very excited about the God and Darwinian Evolution Day Conference. To get this impressive range of speakers with their different opinions on this important issue ensures an informative and thought provoking day."

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