Colin Kaepernick tattoos: Psalm 18:39 is written on SF 49ers quarterback's arm

As viewers tuned in to watch the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in the NFL NFC championships tonight, one couldn't help but notice San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernicks' tattoos all over his body and arm.

Kaepernick, who is Christian, shared the meaning of his tattoos last year, stating that his first tattoo was a verse from the Bible – Psalm 18:39. The scripture is written out on a scroll on his right shoulder which reads: "You armed me with strength for battle; you made my adversaries bow at my feet."

He explained: "Basically, it's saying the Lord is giving me all the tools to be successful, I just have to go out and do my part to uphold that."

Kaepernich is "baptized Methodist, confirmed Lutheran and went to a Baptist church in Reno," according to his father. 

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks square off tonight on their all time series record, with each team taking 15 wins each of their 30 games against one another. However, in more recent history the 49ers have won five of their last seven meetings. But it must be remembered that the Seahawks have won four of their last five games against the 49ers in Seattle – and those games in Seattle have not even been close, with the Seahawks outscoring the 49ers 139-58 over those games.