CNN claims Russians created an anti-Hillary Clinton game called 'Hilltendo' released before 2016 U.S. presidential elections

Hillary Clinton addresses her staff and supporters about the results of the US. election at a hotel in the Manhattan borough of New York, US.Reuters

CNN reported that Russian internet trolls created an anti-Hillary Clinton game called "Hilltendo" that was allegedly released weeks before the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. While some have been alarmed by the news, others, however, have not taken the news site seriously.

According to CNN, "Hilltendo" consists of three levels. In the first one, players take control of Clinton who sits on a missile, tasked with deleting as many classified emails as players possibly can while avoiding Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. The second level tasks players to collect as much cash as players can from Arab states with the help of a basket. The third and final level tasks players to help Clinton throw the Constitution as far away as possible and includes caricatures of former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton who happens to be Hillary's husband.

While the game appeared to be an ordinary game aimed to criticize Clinton, CNN reported that there is more in the game than meets the eye. CNN reported that that the game tracks its players' behavior on social media. These players can later be targeted with anti-Clinton advertisements later. 

Moreover, CNN reported that based on their investigation,'s internet service provider (ISP) address was used for other sites including and These sites were said to have been run by Kremlin-connected Internet Research Agency — an organization of some sort which is rumored to be the source of Russian disinformation attempts in the 2016 elections. 

Breitbart reported that CNN received criticisms following the report. The far-right news website reported that the investigatory report was picked up and made fun of the Russian media, in particular, the Russia Today. Breitbart also mentioned that some Twitter users did not take CNN's report seriously. One Twitter user pointed out that voters who had downloaded the game knew who they were voting for in the first place.