Churches can sing again - but only outside

(Photo: Unsplash/Kyler Nixon)

The Government has eased rules on singing at church but only if it is outside and done by professionals. 

The change of rules comes into effect today, a week after churches were allowed to resume collective worship. 

The updated guidelines from the Government stress that singing should be conducted "outside only" and that "there should be no group singing inside places of worship when worshippers are present". 

Under the restrictions, "singing in groups should be limited to professional singers only and should be limited to a small set group of people". 

"Both the singers and the worshippers should be outdoors," it says. 

For indoor services, only one individual is permitted to sing, with this recommended to take place behind a plexi-glass screen to protect congregants. 

The general guidance from the Government remains to avoid singing or raising voices "because of the potential for increased risk of transmission from aerosol and droplets". 

The Church of England has revised its own Covid-19 guidelines to tell churches that they can only worship outside if they own or manage the land adjacent to their buildings.