Church of England investigation into Mike Pilavachi finds shortcomings in conduct

Mike Pilavachi founded Soul Survivor in 1993.Soul Survivor/Facebook

Mike Pilavachi's conduct fell short "of that expected of a priest in the Church of England", an investigation has concluded. 

The Soul Survivor founder was investigated by the Church's National Safeguarding Team (NST) and the Diocese of St Albans over a complaint about his verbal interactions with a vulnerable person. 

The complaint referred to after 2012 when he was ordained in the Church of England.

The Church said that the vulnerable person had come forward and given "clear evidence of the harm done in their life".

Pilavachi, who no longer has authority to minister in the Church of England, was handed a written warning over the allegations. 

"A bishop from outside the Diocese of St Albans was appointed to consider the allegation and the response from Mr Pilavachi," the Church said.

"The result of the bishop's determination was that whilst no further action would be taken on the main allegation, Mr Pilavachi's conduct had nevertheless fallen short of that expected of a priest in the Church of England and in accordance with paragraph 163 of the Clergy Discipline Measure Code of Practice a written warning and advice has been issued to him." 

The investigation upheld the decisions to take no further action and issue a warning and advice, saying they had been "properly made". 

A separate joint investigation by the NST and Diocese of St Albans last year concluded that safeguarding allegations brought against Mr Pilavachi in relation to his ministry over 40 years were "substantiated".