Church leaders condemn violent storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters

Four people are dead after Trump supporters tried to storm the US Capitol on Wednesday to try and stop Congress certifying Joe Biden's election win.

The violence has been condemned by church leaders, among them those who have consistently supported Trump throughout his administration. 

Many of them are calling for peace and prayer.

Trump supporter and evangelist Franklin Graham said he was "deeply saddened" by Wednesday's events. 

"Our country is in trouble. We need God's healing and we need God's help. Pray for peace and the protection of our nation. Let's come together—on our knees," he said. 

Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White called for non-violent opposition. 

"I always have and will denounce violence, lawlessness and anarchy in any and all forms," she said.

"I have deep convictions for all people to have protection over the First Amendment and freedom of speech. We should be able to do this without becoming violent. I ask all to continue praying."

Tony Perkins, head of the conservative Christian group, Family Research Council, denounced the mob's "lawless actions" as "wrong and dangerous for our republic."

"Lawlessness is not the way, and such actions makes it difficult for law-abiding Americans to fight the good fight. Pray for our Republic!" Perkins wrote.

Harvest Pastor Greg Laurie said he was "alarmed" by the storming of Congress.

"Vibrant protest is American. Violence and anarchy is not. I condemn it," he tweeted.

"Will you join me - Democrat and Republican - in praying for America? Pray for peace on our streets, for protection and wisdom for our leaders."