'Chuchel' news: Comedy adventure game is now available

Chuchel official websiteA screenshot of the game "Chuchel"

"Chuchel," the comedy adventure game developed and published by "Machinarium," "Botanicula" and "Samorost" creator Amanita Design, is now available on Steam, GOG and itch.io at $9.99.

Lukáš "Lukas [amanita design]" Kunce, the Head of Communications at Amanita Design, announced the news via Steam Community on March 7. Kunce said that all the levels in the game are built upon Jaromir Plachy's trademark style of animation and suitable humorous music from the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Award-winning Czech band Dva.

According to Kunce, "Chuchel" is not a complicated game to play as it is all about humor, laughs and cherries. Cherries are what the hero of the game, Chuchel, craves for the most. Players must aid Chuchel, an angry ball of soot sporting an orange meringue-shaped hat and his pet named Kekel, which appears to look like a curious amalgam between a mouse and a sweet potato, in their journey to acquiring cherries by helping him in various challenges including logical puzzles and battling with swarms of hysterical Pac-Men to escape from their vicious clutches. 

The Steam page of the game lists the minimum system requirements for Microsoft Windows and Mac. The minimum system requirements for Microsoft Windows are as follows — operating system (OS): Windows 7, 8, or 10; processor: 2.3 GigaHertz (GHz) Dual Core; memory: 1 Gigabyte (GB) random-access memory (RAM); graphics: Intel HD 4000; storage: 1 GB available space and additional note: mouse recommended. The minimum system requirements for Mac are as follows — OS: Mac OS X v10.7 and above; processor: 2.3 GHz Dual Core; memory: 1 GB RAM; storage: 1 GB available space and additional note: mouse recommended.