Christians still giving to charity amid recession

A new poll by ComRes for Premier Christian Radio has found that most Christians are giving as much to charity as before the recession.

In the poll of 512 Christians, 85 per cent confirmed their charitable giving had stayed the same or increased since the recession began.

Sixteen per cent of those surveyed revealed they had actually increased their charitable donations since the start of the recession, with 69 per cent remaining steady.

Only one per cent of the Christians surveyed said they had stopped giving to charity since the start of the recession.

Anglicans were the most giving denomination with 91 per cent giving more or the same amounts to charity since the start of the recession. They were followed by Catholics at 89 per cent and independent Christians at 86 per cent. Baptists registered at 82 per cent and Methodists at 81 per cent.

Independent Christians have increased their charitable giving the most since the start of the recession, with almost a quarter (24 per cent) finding a way to give more.

"These results are a testament to Christian attitudes across the nation," Premier Christian Radio's CEO, Peter Kerridge said. "As Christians we will continue to love our neighbour, even in times of need and financial hardship.

"Many charities around the globe, including Christian charities could not survive without donations from their supporters. I would like to thank all those Christians who continue to give to the causes close to their heart, especially when the UK is in a time of recession."