Christian teacher in misgendering row let go from second school for calling Muhammad a 'false prophet'

Joshua Sutcliffe

A Christian teacher who took his former school to court over a misgendering row says he has been let go from a second school after saying Muhammad was a "false prophet".

Joshua Sutcliffe made the comments in a video posted to his personal YouTube channel in which he also singled out Russell Brand, Mormon founder Joseph Smith and Charles Darwin for criticism.

"All these people bring destructive heresies which are against the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, and so they are false prophets," he said. 

In January this year, Sutcliffe reached a settlement with a school in Oxford where he was suspended and investigated for refusing to refer to a transgender pupil by their preferred pronouns.  

A court order at the time prevented him from being named by the media but the ban expired at the start of this month.

After leaving his former employer, Mr Sutcliffe then went to work in London for another school, reportedly Catholic, but says in a YouTube video that he was let go a second time, this time over his comments about Muhammad. 

In a video entitled 'What does the Bible say about false prophets?', he says, "I know this is controversial and I know that people might be offended by what I'm saying but I do it in love and because I want to speak the truth.

"I believe Muhammad is a false prophet, I would suggest that Muslims have a false understanding of God because they've been led by a false prophet.

"Jesus is the only true prophet because he is God in the flesh, he is the voice of God, he brings true revelation and understanding because he is God.

"We have other false prophets in this nation, never mind those that are following the teaching of Muhammad.

"What about someone in culture like Russell Brand, he is teaching a generation how to think.

"He's got this multi-faith idea and that all faiths lead to the top of the mountain."

In another video post, he defended his position, saying that in the former case over misgendering, he was being "bullied by the LGBT mafia".

"I'm here to teach you what they won't let me teach you in the real world ...rebelling against the system because the things that I love teaching and talking about are [the] true biblical perspective and understanding," he says. 

"And in the world today, I've been cast out, I've been rejected, I've been told that I'm not allowed to think according to the Bible."

Commenting on Mr Sutcliffe's second suspension, conservative Christian blogger Adrian Hilton said his views should not be grounds for dismissal. 

"Are schoolteachers no longer permitted in their own time and in their own space to examine the impending crisis of universalism versus multiculturalism? What happened to freedom of religion?" he said