Christian singer Carman recalls series of near-fatal health woes: 'You never know what day Jesus will call you home'

Carman manages to flash a huge smile while undergoing treatment at a hospital.(Facebook/Carman)

Christian singer Carman Licciardello, better known as Carman feels "like a cat with nine lives" that are now "down to five" after he suffered from a series of near-fatal health issues.

The singer detailed what happened to him in a Facebook post.

"I've hesitated to post this because several of my latest posts are medical in nature. So I waited until I was in the clear," he wrote, adding that he did not want to worry his fans.

However, he said he wants to maintain a level of transparency with his fans so he decided to write about what happened to him over the past few weeks.

The day after Easter, Carman revealed that he suffered from a near fatal heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital to get heart surgery.

The week before that, he was troubled by strong chest pains. He was tested in the hospital and eventually released.

However, his health woes did not end there. On his plane ride home, he felt "acute" pain on his lower body and was "wheeled off the plane on a stretcher, to an ambulance, then admitted, then tested and—again released." It turned out the pain was caused by kidney stone.

Five days later, he was enjoying lunch with his good friend Kellye Huff when he started feeling some pain again. She insisted that he go to the hospital, and he did. Within hours, he was "hooked up, doped up and being prepped for surgery" because he had 90 percent blockage in two major arteries.

"I thought I was doing everything right, but the doctors told me it was hereditary. My brother, father and several male cousins all died young from the same thing," he shared. "Only difference was I was having my attack at the hospital. So I lived."

Carman thanked God that his friend did not leave his side throughout his entire health ordeal.

Despite all the tests and hospital visits he had to endure, Carman said he feels great today and even "a bit perkier, more energetic than ever and ready to go minister once again."

"I feel like a cat with nine lives. But now I'm down to five," he said. "God has once again given me more time to bless more of you and bring a few more souls into the kingdom. You just never really know what day Jesus will call you home."