Christian men more bold than women in dating

A Christian dating site has found that male users are more likely than female users to make the first contact.

Christian Connection found that men are sending more than three times as many emails as women.

"It could be that women simply lack confidence or don't feel they get a good response," says Christian Connection founder Jackie Elton.

"They let rejection get to them. Then there are those who feel it is correct to sit and wait for men to contact them - the online version of Biblical modesty."

While the activity of female users is going down, men's activity on the site is increasing. While today men are sending 3.4 times as many emails as the women, two years ago they were only sending twice as many.

Elton thinks it's down to the male attitude.

"Men are more likely just to press on. If at first they don't succeed they keep trying. Yet many tell us they are delighted and flattered when messaged by women."

Despite women sending fewer emails, Elton says it is the ones who send more who are more successful.

"We have clear figures to show that successful women on average make 23 first moves, 60% more than those who are less successful," she reports.

"Some of our best stories have come from women who have stuck with it, sending messages to men, despite some lack of response. It is wonderful when that happens and a real tribute to those who do."

She tells of one former member of Christian Connection who spent seven years on online dating agencies without success before meeting her future husband who had been online for less than 48 hours.

"The day I contacted John, I wondered whether I should close my account but it didn't feel right,' says the woman, named only as Joanne.

"Quitting because I was discouraged was not the right motive. During prayer and reading the Bible, I felt God instruct me to try one more time.

"I saw John's smiling face and was immediately attracted. After reading his profile, I thought he sounded great! I sent an 'icebreaker smile' with no idea if he would contact me. He did and as they say, the rest is history."