Christian giving charity responds to 2000th request for help

Acts435 said applicants for help were often people struggling with relationship breakdown, redundancy or a change to their benefitsPA

An online giving charity set up by the Archbishop of York in 2010 has responded to its 2,000th request for help. connects those in need with those who can help, while protecting donor anonymity and applicant confidentiality.

Donors around the country are giving on average £7,000 a month through the platform, more than triple the level of donations this time last year.

Since its launch, Acts435 has provided over £175,000 in donations to people needing help with things like school uniforms, furniture, food and debt relief orders.

The charity says many of the applicants are people struggling to cope after a relationship breakdown, redundancy or a change to their benefits.

Executive Director Jenny Herrera said: "To think just 12 months ago we were seeking to hit our 800th request and now we are already seeing that activity has more than doubled - it is inspiring that people want to give to help those in need in the UK today.

"It is a tragedy that people, often through no fault of their own, find that their circumstances have changed and it can suddenly feel there is no support at all.

"As the country goes through tough economic times, many people are struggling to cope with unexpected expenses and even everyday ones. Acts 435 is bringing real hope for these situations."

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