Christian Blogs are Useful Evangelism Tools, Survey Suggests

More than half of participants in a recent survey suggested that Christian blog sites are useful tools for evangelism., one of the world's largest Christian portals, asked readers to participate in the survey, in which many agreed that Christian blogs are a good place for sharing with other Christians to provide comfort and encouragement.

President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, offers some insight about evangelism by saying, "God provides tools for His children to not only help one another, but to win souls for the Kingdom."

According to the results, many believers are finding online communications with other Christians encouraging, with one user writing: "I learn a lot from different people across the world. I learn things about the Bible that I did not know before and have fellowship with other Christians when feeling lonely or isolated."

Many participants have enjoyed using Christian blog sites for evangelism. In addition, believers share Bible scriptures and minister to one another about their knowledge in God's Word, with many participants enjoying sites that offer valuable learning information.