Christian actor Corbin Bernsen says films should not sugarcoat faith struggles

Actor Corbin Bernsen, seen here standing in Copalis Beach, Washington, said that Hollywood should not sugar-coat Christianity.(PHOTO: Instagram/Corbin Bernsen)

Hollywood seems to be embracing more and more faith-based movies, and Christian actor Corbin Bernsen believes these movies have a responsibility to portray faith in a truthful light.

One such example is the family film, "My Daddy Is In Heaven," which is based on the true story about a Texas farm girl's difficult journey back to faith after she unexpectedly lost her husband. Becca, the young widow, must not only overcome her grief but accept the fact that bad things happen to good people - even God's people.

In the new movie, Bernsen plays farmer Rick, the grandfather of lead character Becca. He was left to care for Becca's five-year-old daughter, Acie, after she decides to visit her old friend from school, June. June helps Becca recover from the death of her late husband, Adam, but she spirals downward by drinking and engaging in disorderly conduct.

When she finally hits rock bottom, Becca reunites with the faith of her youth and finds inspiration to set her life on track.

Bernsen, who is known for his roles in "L.A. Law" and "Psych," told The Christian Post that he appreciates the movie because it portrayed grief and loss in an "un-sanitized" way. The faith journey isn't always easy, but he worries non-believers could mistakenly think that being a Christian is all rainbows and roses because of how it is often depicted on film. Bernsen said some movies present faith positively so that it "tastes nice," but that isn't always real.

"I think it is extremely important that we grieve to the depths of the darkness that it takes to hit bedrock, and then, with our faith, work our way back to the light, His light," he said. "In reverse, just because we are in the depths of our despair, the darkest moments of our life, it doesn't mean that His light isn't there for us. It is. But it takes 'faith' to recognize this."

As to why God lets bad things happen, Bernsen said people need to look at the bigger picture. More often than not, horrible things take place so that people can get closer to God. After people get over their desperation and frustrations, he said that God will always be there, "waiting patiently" for His children to "get to the place I need to be to reach out to Him for hope and light."

"My Daddy Is In Heaven" was released on March 13, 2018.