Christian country singer Carrie Underwood 'still in awe' that she gets to sing for a living

Carrie Underwood: Upcoming songs will be about her new baby boy.Courtesy of Carrie Underwood Official

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be doing what they love for a living, but Christian country singer Carrie Underwood is one of the lucky ones.

In fact, Underwood still cannot believe that she gets to call singing her job. On her Instagram account (@carrieunderwood), the singer shared a photo of her music studio's control room and wrote, "Had an amazing day in the studio! I still am in awe that I get to sing and call it my job! I think you all are going to like the new stuff!"

As for her new album, Underwood earlier said that she plans to write songs about her new baby boy Isaiah Michael Fisher, since most of her old songs have been female-centered, such as "All American Girl" and "Mama's Song."

Underwood wrote "Mama's Song" for her own mother right before she got married to National Hockey League (NHL) player Michael Fisher.

"I just kind of feel a little sad 'cause all my songs are about having girls," she told Unreality TV UK. "Like, little boy baby Fisher's got nothin'! Even 'Forever Changed,' which is one of my favourite songs, is definitely like a mother/daughter kind of a song, so... I'm gonna have to get on that."

And what does her son Isaiah think about his mother's singing job? When Underwood brought her baby boy along to work, he had a smile the whole time.

She revealed the experience on her Twitter account (@carrieunderwood) as she tweeted, "Played some of the new music this morning for little Isaiah and he smiled from ear to ear the whole time! I think we're on the right track!"