Christian beauty blogger says God commanded abstinence before marriage because sex creates permanent bond

YouTube/Courtney RaineCourtney Raine appears in a screen capture of her YouTube video about abstaining from sex before marriage.

A Christian fashion and beauty blogger on YouTube has recently shared why she is saving herself for marriage in the hopes that other women will be encouraged to do the same.

Courtney Raine, a 21-year-old student from Pennsylvania, said in a recent video post that she usually shares fashion and beauty tips in her posts, but she wanted to talk about her decision to abstain from sex until marriage.

She said she was making the video for girls who want to abstain from sex until marriage but don't not think that it is possible because of the messages coming from today's pop culture and social media.

Raine, who was raised in a Catholic family, she had decided at a young age to save herself before marriage and that she wears purity rings.

When a previous boyfriend wanted to have sex and did not want to live by Christian principles, she says she broke up with him.

Raine ended another relationship because that ex-boyfriend lied to her about being a virgin.

The blogger then explained why she believes that waiting until marriage is beneficial for women.

"You know that the person you're with is in it for you. They love you and everything about you and it's not just the physical part of it. Also not only that, you'll never have to worry about getting pregnant and you'll never have to worry about getting any diseases," she said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

She said she believes that God prescribed abstinence before marriage to protect people emotionally and physically because people become attached to the first person they have sex with by forming a "chemical bond" during intercourse. She believes that the chemical bond keeps the people linked to each other throughout their lifetimes.

"They are forever bound and you are supposed to have that with your husband," she said.

The blogger advised women who want to abstain from sex to avoid being seen in a swimsuit by their boyfriends. She also suggested that people should avoid talking about sex so that they would not be tempted.