Christian activist Meeke Addison: Same-sex marriage is not equal to skin discrimination

Christian activist Meeke Addison (seen here with her husband) says it's offensive that gay marriage is now a civil right.(Facebook/Meeke Addison)

Christian activist Meeke Addison is still very upset with the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage last week, saying it's offensive that gay marriage is now a civil right.

"I'm a black woman, so when I think of a civil right and the fight for freedom, it kind of strikes a chord for me that your sexual preference is not equal to the colour of my skin, an immutable characteristic," Addison said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "It's offensive, just that what you want to do in your bedroom is the same thing as the colour of my skin and who I am."

She then clarified that she was only speaking for herself, and not representing the black people in general. Addison proudly claimed to be a religious Christian, saying that the Scripture should not be disputed with when it comes to sexuality and marriage.

"When you come across passages that condemn homosexuality, you don't dispute that," Addison said, adding that a person cannot be both gay and Christian at the same time. "It is never supported biblically, so for a Christian to say they are a Christian and they are also homosexual... if you go according to Scriptures, they're mutually exclusive."

She warned people that there is a "demonic" and "evil" threat looming over marriage. Now that the Supreme Court has legalised same-sex marriage, there might come a time when threesomes and foursomes can demand to get married, too, just because they love each other.

"We could be entering a time where the fire could be turned up under the feet of Christians, and I don't mean that in a good way," Addison said.

She credits her own mother for her deep-rooted belief about the sanctity of marriage, which should solely be between a man and a woman. "She always wanted us to know that, and that has shaped my world view: That marriage is important. That the structure of family is important, and we don't get to change that just because we want to," she said.