Charity Commission to question Kenneth Copeland Ministries UK over 'flu' video

The bizarre video in which prosperity preacher Gloria Copeland, an adviser to Donald Trump, appears to urge followers not to have a flu vaccination because it can be avoided if 'you innoculate yourself with the word of God' is to be investigated by the UK's Charity Commission.

In the controversial video released on January 31, Copeland says: 'Listen, partners. We don't have a flu season. We've got a duck season, a deer season, but we don't have a flu season.

Gloria Copeland appeared to advise people not to get flu jabs.

'And don't receive it when somebody threatens you with "Everybody's getting the flu!" We've already had our shot, he bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases.

'That's what we stand on. And by his stripes we were healed. If you've already got the flu I'm going to pray for you right now.'

The video was posted on the website of Kenneth Copeland Ministries UK, whose headquarters are in Bath, with the text: 'In this video, Gloria Copeland talks about the flu and offers a prayer for the flu. Learn how you can overcome the flu and prevent it from coming on your household.'

A Charity Commission spokeswoman told The Independent: 'Trustees must ensure that their charity only carries out activities within their charitable objectives and must ensure they protect the reputation of their charity.

'The commission will be contacting the Kenneth Copeland Ministries regarding material posted on the charity's website to determine whether there is a regulatory role for the commission.'

According to Public Health England, there have been 215 confirmed deaths from flu in the UK this flu season.

The video has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times on YouTube and Facebook, and has been widely criticised. 'Telling people not to get proper medical care is dangerous and un-Christian. Shame on you, doubly so for doing it in God's name,' an angry Facebook user wrote.

Another commented: 'When someone dies from the flu, their blood will be on your hands. Did you ever consider the possibility that God gave us an intellect and knowledge so that we can protect ourselves? Did that thought ever cross your mind?'

Another said: 'Wow. If this works for the flu, then I guess it would work for cancer too. I sense that a lot of drug companies who make medication for people with cancer are about to go out of business if this Secret Gets Out.'