Catholic School Expels Student After His Parents Voiced Opposition to Sex-Ed Curriculum


When the parents of a young boy studying at a Catholic school in the Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee complained that the mandatory sex-ed course in the school is bordering on "erotic" and "near occasion of sin," they were shocked by the school's response.

After Jason and Susan Skinner publicly voiced their opinion on the matter, Father Ryan High School President Jim McIntyre told them in a letter that their problem can be resolved by just stopping to send their ninth-grade son to their school, even as he censured them for the "public airing of [their] discontent."

"Unless you can assure Father Ryan [HS] that your dissatisfaction with the Human Sexuality curriculum issue is concluded, you are choosing not to allow [your son] to remain a student at Father Ryan High School," the letter reads, according to Life Site News.

In response, the Skinners wrote in a letter that they have no intention of withdrawing their child from school, and simply wish to have him stop taking the sex-ed course. "We remain unsatisfied with the sex education curriculum and the school's refusal to permit opt-outs of the offensive material in accordance with canon law," they wrote. "Further, we will not relinquish or subordinate our inalienable rights to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and parental primacy at your discretion."

"If you wish to compel our son to leave Father Ryan High School as a result of these views, then that is your decision alone — not ours," they concluded.

The Skinners criticised the school for stripping away parental rights "once a child is enrolled in the school." They found it disheartening that the school dismissed their concerns without a second thought.

"It's disappointing that instead of working with other parents and us to address our concerns, you have chosen to refuse dialogue, deny us explanation, and threaten dismissal because we have engaged in legitimate due process," they said. "Now, because we have done so, you have decided that our son is no longer welcome at your school."

Without budging, the school administration wrote a response on Oct. 5 informing the Skinners that because they "remain unsatisfied" with the sex-ed course, their child is no longer enrolled in the school.

"Therefore, and per our letter dated September 28, 2016, you have chosen to withdraw your son from Father Ryan High School effective the end of the school day of September 30, 2016," the letter signed by President McIntyre reads.