Candace Cameron Bure's swimsuit photo sparks modesty debate

Candace Cameron Bure's swimsuits sparked a heated debate about modesty on her Instagram account.(Instagram/Candace Cameron Bure)

Every little thing that "The View" host and "Fuller House" actress Candace Cameron Bure does gets scrutinised by the public. When she posted a swimsuit shot on her social media account, people immediately launched a modesty debate.

Bure wasn't wearing any of the three swimsuits she shared on her social media account (@candacecbure), but people were quick to criticise her modesty because of the bikini she included in the photo.

"I got to do a little of this today!" captioned Bure. "Gorgeous #SouthernCaliforniaafternoon! #socalliving #malibu#funinthesun Some bathingsuits are meant for public beaches and others for my own backyard. #KeepingItReal"

One fan said that it was wrong for Bure to post the swimsuit photo because it would stir up sexual thoughts in men. "You have men on this feed wanting to see you in these suits. While flattering, they are looking at you or fantasizing [about] you in a sexual way," she said. "My prayer is that you see this as wisdom and NOT criticism."

Another fan agreed, saying that men need to control their thoughts, "but it doesn't make it any easier when women are wearing next to nothing when laying out [or] running around in the water."

Someone also chastised the Christian actress and The View co-host for wearing a bikini because "you might as well wear your bra and underwear in public."

While there were criticisms against Bure's choice of swimwear, there were a lot who approved of her clothing choices and defended her.

"What if she wears that ONLY when she's with her husband?" a fan wrote. "She's a female and wants to share her new finds with her fans. So, again...get a life of your own and quit trying to be a mom to an adult woman."

"Her bathing suits are not inappropriate, and she also stated some are for public and another for private. They are stylish and cute! Really like the colors in the palm tree one!" another commented.