Candace Cameron Bure advises showbiz wannabes: 'Honour the Lord, work hard'

Candace Cameron Bure has just been named as FOX411's 'Celebrity of the Year.'ABC

"The View" host Candace Cameron Bure had a successful 2015. Aside from her usual hosting duties, she was also able to revive her highly popular old show "Full House," which will have another run as "Fuller House." At the same time, she has just been named by FOX411's as the media group's "Celebrity of the Year."

Given all that she accomplished last year, Bure has some solid advice for those aspiring to get into the entertainment industry. As usual, Bure professed her strong Christian faith when she offered her pearls of wisdom.

"In all things you do, honour the Lord, and in all things you do, work hard," she told Fox News in a recent interview.

"It really is all about the effort you put in while keeping your integrity and your character. That's why first and foremost I want my kids to respect themselves and honour God and to then just work hard. Even if someone hands something to you, it never feels as good as when you've earned it yourself."

Of course, Bure's successes did not come without some regrets. The host and actress said her biggest challenge last year was time management.

"If I had to do it over, I would figure out how to balance my family life a little better," she said. "While this year has been so successful for me in my career, my career takes me away from my family so that is always the juggle and the balancing act. I think I would go back, find those little nuggets and find where I sat on my computer too long when I could have been hanging out with my kids."

She expressed hope that her spinoff show "Fuller House" will be a huge hit just like its predecessor "Full House."

She considers this as the highlight of her year. "It was just amazing to come back and be able to do this spinoff show and work with people that are most dear to me in my life and have a better time the second go around than we could have even imagined. It feels like home, it feels like family and it's really fun and just a great show," she said.