Canada's conversion therapy ban is a victory for gay rights campaigners

(Photo: Unsplash)

So Canada is the latest nation to collapse under pressure of woke ideology, with legislators unanimously agreeing to ban so-called LGBT conversion therapy, subject to final approval from its Senate.

In fact, so pleased are they with this result, that a Bill is even now being drafted, making it illegal to offer therapy to adults and children 'intended to change or suppress sexuality or gender identity'.

Health professionals and human rights groups have apparently mounted strident opposition to all such therapies, claiming that they 'can' include exorcism rituals, electric shocks, starvation and physical violence, all of which result in long-term psychological damage.

Almost as an afterthought, they admit that such extreme forms of attempted treatment are rare, with therapies more normally simply involving talking and, in the case of Christian support, prayer. Nothing daunted, however, the proposed Bill will create four new criminal offences: causing a person to have conversion therapy; removing a child from Canada in order to receive therapy, punishable by five years imprisonment; profiting from offering such therapies; and promoting or advertising it. The latter two offences will both carry a two-year sentence.

In sum, an unequivocal triumph for gay rights campaigners still claiming that they're all 'born that way' so that LGBT+ orientation must be celebrated, and any other position – whether based on faith or individual preference – must be dismissed as homophobic hatred and abuse.

In fact, in a dramatic reconfiguration of accepted truth, the real villains in this narrative of oppression – the inflictors of torture and all-round 'bad eggs' ⎼ are specifically identified as Christians, who dare suggest that such behaviours go against God's design for the human body and carry adverse health risks.

And who dare suggest, contrary to what is maintained, that some people experiencing same-sex attraction might actually want a more traditional family arrangement, with a spouse of the opposite sex and natural born children.

If ever there were evidence of a battle between good and evil, this is surely it. Men and women are so much more than a hormone-driven imperative that demands instant and unquestioned sexual gratification, yet this is the level to which LGBT+ activists would reduce humanity, by their focus on sex in all its forms as an inalienable human right.

That the arguments on which they base their claims are hopelessly distorted or even, at worst, a deliberate fabrication, is seemingly irrelevant. Nothing is allowed to impede the narrative of hatred and religious bigotry, with any suggestion that men and women might want something more from life beyond sexual satisfaction, demonized as a manifestation of outdated intolerance and judgmentalism.

Fact: the Bible prohibits any and all sexual relations outside marriage between one man and one woman, which exclusive union is intended for life, for their mutual support and the bringing up of any children they may have.

It is equally a fact today, however, that LGBT+ campaigners say this is rubbish. The Bible is a culturally outdated set of rules, they argue, designed to uphold a patriarchal society built around land holding, where women were subordinate to men, who needed to be sure that their sons would inherit.

But that's not the kind of society we live in today, they continue. We've grown up. We're free to recognise that men and women are equally sexual beings, from birth, and that we all have a right to satisfy our sexual appetites – whenever, wherever and with whomsoever we choose, without being judged by the weak-minded who still believe all that hocus pocus spouted by the Bible!

What they refuse to acknolwedge, however, is that such an attitude is profoundly totalitarian, and an abuse of those freedoms on which our society is founded. To secularists and LGBT+ activists, the concept of faith may well be incomprehensible, but what both those groups deny – what indeed seems beyond their comprehension – is that for some of us the highest good is not sex, but rather our relationship with God. From which it follows that their condemnation – indeed criminalization – of any kind of choice that subordinates necessarily transient human desire to obedience to a higher good, makes a travesty of freedom.

This is infinitely worse than the infringement of democracy. It is the attempted imposition of a totalitarian thought system that brooks no dissent. That, indeed, requires absolute conformity with values that overturn the belief, practice and principles on which our society has up to now been founded.

Unfortunately, whichever view one holds, the new Weltanschauung ⎼ destabilising society by its relentless erosion of family ⎼ is a system that contains within itself the seeds of destruction. If we follow the path now unfolding before us, the social order that has been our strength and protection for thousands of years will collapse, and we shall inevitably become architects of our own destruction. Evil will have won.