'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' new royalty weapons to be introduced

Sledgehammer Games Blog

Developer Sledgehammer Games has announced that there will be a new cache of weapons for the "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" title. 

To be introduced via the in-game supply drop, the new and extensive collection of weaponry will be dubbed as royalty weapons. These new variants will allow players to up their stats, much like the cache introduced in the Grand Master Prestige Gear. 

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" already has quite a collection of both manual and advanced weaponry, and the upcoming royalty variants will considerably add more to the arsenal. According to reports, items on the list that will be having royalty versions are the AK-12, the Tac-19, the Ameli; S-12, the ASM1, the Pyataek; the MORS, KF5, the HBRa3; and finally, the M1 Irons. 

Most notably, the M1 Irons has been added as a weapon with a royalty version. When Sledgehammer Games announced the item a few days ago, the old-style, steam-punk version of a revolver already has significant stats. The M1 Irons, a pistol made available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 players, has good mobility and range. Additionally, it adds +10 to loot variants. 

If the royalty version for the pistol is already accessible for players, it will be good to test it out on the three newest variants for the game. For both normal and advanced supply drops, there will be the additional Gunslinger, Unforgiving Truth, and Sundown variants. 

Gunslinger gives an Akimbo attachment to the pistol a chance to pick 13 without cost. Unforgiving Truth, meanwhile, will give a player longer streaks. Finally, the new Sundown extends the player's range at the cost of a decreased movement speed.

The new royalty versions for weaponry are expected to arrive first on the Xbox One on May 19, with other platforms to follow.