'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season 5 spoilers: Who will win the Halloween heist?

Facebook/BrooklynNineNineThe funny cops of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" return for a fifth run.

It's trick or treat time at Brooklyn's funniest precinct. The next episode of the fifth season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will have the cast joining the annual Halloween Heist.

The synopsis for the fourth episode called "HalloVeen" will find the cast at each other's throat because of their annual Halloween Heist. Unlike in previous years, each member of the precinct will have an individual plan on how to win the heist. Relationships and friendships will be put through the wringer as they only have until midnight to win the prize and claim the title of "Amazing Human Slash Genius."

The teaser trailer for the next episode sees a distraction that was planted to confuse everyone, which has become a running gag at the precinct every Halloween. It also shows a number of women dressed as Handmaids from "The Handmaid's Tale" entering the precinct.

Captain Holt, played by Andre Braugher, can be seen hysterically running out of the precinct but what caused that remains to be seen. The final scene of the teaser trailer shows Holt searching for his dog Cheddar. Terry, played by Terry Crews, tells Holt that he came with his dog but Holt does not believe it.

It can be remembered that no one has won the Halloween Heist twice in the past four years. Jake, played by Andy Samberg, nabbed the prize during the very first heist. On the heist's second year, it was Holt who claimed the title. Amy, played by Melissa Fumero, won the title in the third year of the heist after being left out. Gina, played by Chelsea Peretti, was last year's winner by outwitting everyone in the precinct.

The previous episode had Jake returning to the field even though Holt thought that he was still not ready. By the end of the episode, Jake realized that Holt was right and went to back his desk job while he recovers from his trauma of being incarcerated.

The fifth season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" airs every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. EDT on FOX.