British Baptists Pass Resolution Opposing Replacement of Trident Nuclear System

The Baptist Union of Great Britain Council (BUGB) has passed a resolution opposing the replacement of Britain's Trident nuclear weapons system, and called upon the British government to take a lead in disarmament negotiations.

The debate, which took place on Monday 13 November at The Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire, highlighted the fundamental moral and ethical reasons for advocating the non-replacement of Trident, as well as addressing financial concerns, the BUGB has told Christian Today.

In passing the resolution, the BUGB joins other church traditions in declaring its opposition to the replacement of Trident.

The BUGB now is encouraging local churches to facilitate debate on this crucial issue and to contact local MPs to express opposition to replacement.

BUGB Head of Faith & Unity, the Rev Graham Sparkes said, "It is a complex issue and there are arguments to be made on all sides. But in the end the church must resist politics based on fear and intimidation, and dare to seek ways that resist violence and create peace."

During the course of the debate, particular concern was expressed for local communities, which would be most affected by any decision not to replace Trident (particularly Barrow in Furness).

The BUGB urged the government to give all necessary support and help to such communities.