Brazilian Government seeks to reeducate 'homophobic' population

The Brazilian Government is reportedly planning to re-educate its citizens after a survey found that 99 per cent of its citizens are “homophobic”.

The government made its claim on the back of a survey in which people were tested for “homophobia” and their response to different statements regarding sexuality and religion, according to Brazilian newspaper O Globo. The survey was conducted by an organisation linked to the Labor Party, which currently controls the executive and much of the legislative branch of Brazil.

The 92 per cent of Brazilians who agreed partially or completely that, "God made men and women with different sexes so that they could fulfil their role and have children" were determined to be homophobic by the study's authors.

“Homophobia” was also determined to be the reason that 58 per cent of respondents agreed that "Homosexuality is a sin against the laws of God".

Among those deemed to be homophobic were also the 41 per cent of people who agreed that homosexuality was an illness that needed treating, and the 64 per cent who said that they objected to homosexuals hugging and kissing in public.

According to O Globo, the Brazilian Government will use the information collected "to plan new policies, and warns that it has now detected a dark consequence of so much prejudice: intolerance".

Paulo Biagi, coordinator of the government's “Brazil Without Homophobia” campaign said, "There's no way [for the government] not to involve itself, because intolerance must manifest itself in crimes, including crimes committed by agents of the government."

Biagi added that the government will begin to "rearticulate" the case for its proposed "anti-homophobia" law, which would make criticism of homosexual behaviour illegal in Brazil.

The government is also planning on launching a National Plan for the Promotion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Citizens in May, and will be starting a television campaign to fight “homophobia” along with ten other South American countries.

Julio Severo, a Brazilian pro-family activist said on his blog, the Last Days Watchman, that, "What is surprising is how a population that is 99 per cent against homosexuality is accepting passively that its 100 per cent pro-homosexuality government is lifting homosexual acts to the level of inviolable sacredness…and at the same time it is lowering 99 per cent of Brazilians to the class of 'ignorant mob' that should be forcefully condemned to state policies of reeducation."