Born-again Christian minister enters Big Brother house

A born-again Christian minister who believes in UFOs and time travel is one of the 14 contestants selected for the last ever series of Big Brother.

David Vaughan, 39, from Pontypool, in South Wales, joins a Beyonce lookalike, a former soldier who lost an eye and both legs in a bomb explosion, and a London squatter who lost out to Lindsay Lohan for the lead role in Parent Trap.

David claims to have travelled through time and space. He became a Christian nearly 20 years ago after a period of dabbling with drink and drugs and is the chief organiser of alternative Christian festival, Sloshfest, which encourages revellers to party on a natural high brought on by their belief in God.

The 13 housemates were selected from a pool of more than 80 wannabes and were told of their success during a live TV launch show hosted by Davina McCall last night.

The final series will run for the next 11 weeks and will be followed immediately by another two-week special Big Brother featuring all the winners from the series which has dominated Channel 4 every summer for the last 10 years.

A wild card additional contestant entered the house last night dressed as a mole and will attempt to live there as a "mole" undetected by the housemates.

Other contestants include a Katie Price lookalike, a professional dancer who has backed Cheryl Cole and believes in praying every day, and a Tory-supporting writer and broadcaster who has written for the Mail on Sunday and The Daily Telegraph.