Booklet helps South Asians understand Christianity

The South Asian Forum has launched a new booklet to dispel some of the myths surrounding Christianity.

The booklet, Jesus Through Asian Eyes, contains answers to 15 questions about the faith that are frequently asked questions by South Asians.

These include: Is Christianity a Western religion? Isn’t it better to follow the religion of my family? Would I have to leave my family and culture to follow Christ? What do Christians mean by calling Jesus the Son of God? Does God favour men over women?
Why are so many Christians not like Jesus?

The booklet is intended to support outreach among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists.

Manoj Raithatha, national co-ordinator for South Asian Forum (SAF), said: "I know when I first became a Christian three years ago, my Hindu family and friends would ask me; 'don't all roads lead to heaven?'.

“I decided to swot up on the Scripture so I could give them reasoned and seasoned answers. I later discovered that my fellow South Asian believers had been asked similar questions."

The forum is suggesting that churches and individuals buy the booklet to give out to non-Christian South Asians to help build relationships and explain their faith.

"The aim of the booklet is that it can be used for mission,” said Raithatha. "In it we dispel myths that may be around and use people's testimonies to clarify issues and show by example how people have tackled them."

Recalling the questions he asked when discovering his faith, Ram Gidoomal, chairman of South Asian Concern, said: "Can I be an Asian and a follower of Jesus? Do I have to give up my cultural heritage? These were questions I personally faced when confronted with the truths about Jesus.

“This booklet is a timely contribution and resource for churches, individuals and all those seeking to help their Asian friends and neighbours understand who Jesus is and what it really means to follow and become his disciple."

The resource features testimonies from people from countries including Pakistan, India, Kenya and Britain who have converted from other religions to Christianity.

The A5 booklet costs just 50p per copy and is available from SAF's new website A discussion course to accompany the booklet is currently being developed.