Black Forest Fire evacuation MAP; Colorado wildfires continue in Royal Gorge, Big Meadows [VIDEO]

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Four separate fires are ravaging Colorado and thousands of residents have evacuated their homes.

The evacuation zones for the Black Forest fire, which has hit the northeast of the Colorado Springs, has been released by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

Mandatory evacuations are taking place from Goodson Rd. east to Eastonville Rd., Ayer Rd. south to Rex Rd..

Pre-evacuation areas are as follows:

Area 1 Pre-Evacuation: Burgess Rd. south to Stapleton Dr. / Volmer Rd. east to Meridian Rd.

Area 2 Pre-Evacuation: Latigo Blvd. south to Stapleton Dr. / Meridian Rd. east to Hwy 24

Area 3 Pre-Evacuation: Guy Ranch Rd. south to Stapleton Dr. / Eastonville Rd. east to Elbert Rd.

Area 4 Pre-Evacuation: Burgess Rd. south to Old Ranch Rd & Poco Rd. / Milam Rd. east to Vollmer Rd.

The Black Forest Fire has burned down over 50 homes and over 6,000 people have evacuated from the area, USA Today reports. Over 8,000 acres have been burned and over zero percent contained.

The fire continues and firefighters are unable to control it as it is fueled by dry and windy conditions.

Among the evacuees are 900 inmates from a state penitentiary – the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility. They have been transported to other facilities in the area.

Another fire, the Royal Gorge fire, has already blazed through 3,800 acres, burning down structures near Canon City and prompting evacuations from the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. The bridge has not caught on fire but is in imminent danger of succumbing to the growing blaze.

The Big Meadows Fire which was sparked in the Rocky Mountain National Park, has grown to about 400 acres as of Tuesday night. Five trails are temporarily closed due to the fire: Onahu Trail, Green Mountain Trail, lower Tonahutu Trail, Tonahutu Spur Trail and the Grand Lake Lodge Spur Trail.

The Klikus-La Veta fire forced 200 residents to evacuate Huerfano County and another fire in Aurora has destroyed five homes.

Click HERE for the interactive map for the evacuation areas and details for the Royal Gorge, Black Forest and Big Meadows fire.

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