Billy Graham's grandson, Will Graham, brings over a thousand people to Christ at Scotland outreach

Will Graham appears in a screen capture of a video from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.YouTube/Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

More than 1,000 people have reportedly turned to Jesus Christ during a recent three-day evangelism event in Falkirk, Scotland.

Will Graham, the grandson of the late Billy Graham, visited Scotland last weekend to preach the Gospel at the Falkirk Stadium.

'Jesus is different than anyone else in human history. Jesus never sinned. He brought people back to life. He healed on the spot. He restored sight to the blind. And He's the only One who died for your sins,' Graham said during one of the services, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). 'Jesus Christ isn't dead. He's alive today, and He wants to come into your life!' he continued.

The Central Scotland Celebration of Hope was organized by the BGEA in cooperation with more than 200 churches across central Scotland.

As many as 9,533 people attended the event, which was held from June 15 to 17. Thousands more people from across the globe were able to watch the event via web stream and Facebook Live.

Hundreds of people made the decision to follow Christ during the event, and hundreds more did the same online and through discipleship courses.

The event also featured performances by American Christian artists, including the Newsboys, The Afters and Aaron Shust. On Saturday, British performer Duggie Dug-Dug headlined the KidzFest event for children.

Pastor Michael Rollo, of Found Church, said the event would have a positive impact on churches in the region.

'It's been an awesome weekend. It's just been fantastic to see all these people coming forward. We believe that people will come to realize that God is alive in Scotland,' said Rollo, who was instrumental in organizing the event.

'We believe that the churches will be encouraged through all that has happened this weekend. It's just been fantastic,' he added.

Churches in Central Scotland were reportedly inspired to hold the Celebration of Hope after Will Graham hosted a similar event in Peterhead a year ago. The evangelist will also be hosting multi-day outreach events in Canada and Thailand later this year.

The BGEA is preparing to hold another outreach event in the UK later this year. In September, Will Graham's father, Franklin, is expected to visit Blackpool for the Lancashire Festival of Hope. The evangelistic event will be held from September 21-23 at the Blackpool Winter Gardens.