Billy Graham tells Christians to be grateful for the jobs they have: 'Work has dignity in the eyes of God'

Billy Graham says, 'Like a deadly virus, sin now corrupts everything we do, including our work.'(Facebook/Billy Graham)

Does God care about what livelihood and careers Christians get into? If you ask world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, then the answer would be yes.

"God cares about every part of our lives—including our jobs," he writes in an advice column for The Bradenton Herald. "After all, every workday our jobs probably consume at least a third of our time—so why wouldn't God be concerned about them?"

Graham adds that God's interest in one's job actually goes deeper than that because Christians' responsibility to work comes from God. "Even in the Garden of Eden—before Adam and Eve rebelled against God but were living in perfect harmony with Him—He provided work for them to do. In other words, work has dignity and significance in the eyes of God," he explains.

Even if God is the One who gives people their jobs, Graham says it does not necessarily mean that their jobs are automatically going to be easy or pleasant since it is marred by sin.

"Like a deadly virus, sin now corrupts everything we do, including our work. God has not forgotten us, and He wants to transform our work into something that brings blessing to others—and to us," he says.

So instead of begrudging one's work, Graham says that people should be thankful about their jobs instead. "Thank God for the work He has given you; many today can't find work and would be grateful to be in your position," he says.

Graham says people should also pray for their colleagues and ask God to help bring them to Jesus Christ. "Above all, ask God to help you do your work well—and for His glory," he says.

Graham concludes by sharing the Bible verse Colossians 3:23. It reads, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters."