Bethel Music introduces new artist Josh Baldwin

Bethel Music Artist Collective welcomes newest member Josh Baldwin.(Twitter/Josh Baldwin)

The Bethel Music Artist Collective has just welcomed its newest member into the fold - Josh Baldwin, a singer, songwriter, and worship pastor at Queen City Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"His greatest motivation as a worshipper and songwriter is the desire to connect with the Father's heart and usher in the presence of God," describes Bethel Music. "His songs are inviting and his heart is trustworthy."

Baldwin's songs, such as "Praises" and "You Deserve It All" from his album "Rivers" are currently popular worship anthems sung all over the world, and Bethel Music is proud of the singer's gift for corporate worship leading, which creates a safe place for people who want to enter into authentic worship.

"There's something amazing about the whole church coming together, corporately, singing the same thing," he said. And Baldwin considers Bethel Worship Nights as simply the best.

"Never in my life have I been a part of such passionate worship as I experienced at those nights," he said.

Baldwin and his wife Sheila live in North Carolina with their two children, Ellie and Bear, whom he considers as the "two little angels" that have "changed my life forever." The singer said that his own children have taught him so much about God's love for people.

Baldwin considers himself a funny guy, and said that humour and music are both huge parts of his life - and he often surprises people by singing randomly. "Instead of talking to people, I'll just sing it," he said. "I don't necessarily have to be very comfortable to do that. I just need to know your name!"

On a more serious note, Baldwin admitted that he's also a very sensitive and simple guy.