Ben and Jessa Seewald criticised for quoting anti-gay Christian leaders after Orlando massacre

Ben and Jessa Seewald are criticised for quoting anti-gay preachers instead of expressing their own personal sympathy for the victims of the Orlando massacre.(Facebook/Ben Seewald)

"Jill and Jessa: Counting On" stars Ben and Jessa Seewald earned the ire of the public when they weighed in on Sunday's massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The terror attack was carried out by 29-year-old gunman Omar Mateen. His action left 49 people dead and 53 injured.

Some people got upset with Ben and Jessa because the quotes they used to express their sorrow over the tragic incident came from well-known anti-gay Christian leaders.

Ben quoted Desiring God founder Pastor John Piper on his Facebook page: "Let it be said again. Through tears. Followers of Jesus lay down their lives to save others, not to slaughter."

For her part, Jessa shared the Bible passage Romans 12:15 and quoted historical theologian Albert Mohler on her Facebook page: "This is when we show that Christians mourn with those who mourn. May the Gospel of Jesus Christ be evident as the only power greater than a broken heart."

A lot of Christians were touched by Ben and Jessa's messages.

However, some LGBT supporters pinned them down as hypocrites because both Piper and Mohler have controversial stances regarding the gay community.

"You preach this Ben, yet the whole family hates the LGBT community. If you could practice what you preach!" comments Sandra Wallace Savoie.

Mike Flavien adds, "Quoting a gay-hating preacher before the bodies are cold. What an ignoramus!"

"You know, a simple 'Our prayers are with you' would suffice. THAT'S WHAT REAL CHRISTIANS DO. We pray for those affected and make a change for good," Marie Brophy says. "Is this REALLY the time to quote someone who has anti-LGBT views? Even mainstream Christians are saying, 'Yes they sinned but I pray for [them]."

As for Jessa's post, she was reprimanded by Tim Peacock, "Why are you using the words of a man who abhors LGBTQ people to memorialise the lives of LGBTQ people who were murdered? Just disgusting."

Robin Ballentine-Williams also says, "So you quote the words of an anti-gay preacher to express your feelings over the death of gay people. No personal words, no prayers, no sympathy."