'Batman: Arkham Knight' release date confirmed: What to expect on June 2

Coming June 2, 2015.Facebook

The game developer for the highly anticipated "Batman: Arkham Knight" action adventure game finally announced that the title will come out on June 2. 

Rocksteady Studios announced that the game, which follows the events that happened in 2011's "Batman: Arkham City," is set to come out in time for summer. 

The game will allegedly feature the recovering period of Bruce Wayne/ Batman after being injured in his battle with the Joker, who eventually died in "Arkham City." He also continues to watch the lawless elements in Gotham City, which means that he will be facing more danger as new threats for the city's peace and order continue to surface. Other speculations about the game mention that Gotham is cloaked in chaos, which means that the Caped Crusader will have to combat more evil forces to restore the city's safety. 

Aside from the release date, the London-based game studio also mentioned that two new expansion packs will be released for "Batman: Arkham Knight." Both of these DLCs will introduce a new character in the game, including Joker's mourning lover Harley Quinn and Batman's former supporter Red Hood, also known as Jason Todd. These DLCs can be purchased even before the game is released this year. 

"Batman: Arkham Knight" features the voice of Kevin Conroy as Batman, who lent his voice to the franchise for 23 years already. Troy Baker joins him in this project as the Arkham Knight. Other characters include Tara Strong as Harley Quinn and Oracle, John Noble as Scarecrow, Nolan North as Oswald Cobblepot or Penguin, Martin Jarvis as Bruce Wayne's trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth, among others. 

The single player action adventure video game "Batman: Arkham Knight" is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and skillfully developed by Rocksteady Studios.