Authentic Media withdraws Taming the Tiger from sale after investigation concludes some sections are untrue

Authentic Media has announced it is withdrawing Taming the Tiger and associated resources from sale with immediate effect.

It follows an independent investigation into complaints about the validity of the book and its author Tony Anthony.  

In Taming the Tiger, Anthony's claims included being taken to China as a child and trained in Kung Fu before later becoming a three-times Kung Fu World Champion.

The investigation was carried out by an independent panel set up by Avanti Ministries and nominated by the Evangelical Alliance.

The independent inquiry panel included three members of the UK council of the Evangelical Alliance, Jon Langlois, Keith Civval and Robert Amess.  

A report produced by the panel concluded that "based on the evidence submitted to it, that large sections of the book Taming the Tiger, and associated materials, which claim to tell the true story of Tony Anthony's life, do not do so".  

The inquiry was conducted with the support of Avanti Ministries, for which Anthony works as an evangelist.  

The Evangelical Alliance and Avanti Ministries said they "take serious note" of the findings of the report.  Avanti Ministries has subsequently concluded that it is no longer appropriate to continue supporting Taming the Tiger.  

The board of Avanti Ministries are now considering what the findings mean for the organisation's future.

In a joint statement the EA and Avanti Ministries said: "The Alliance and Avanti Ministries are deeply saddened by the findings of the panel.  However, they recognise the good work that Avanti and Tony Anthony have done over the years around the world and the impact this will have on the charity, and specifically Tony and his family." 

In addition to withdrawing the book from sale, Authentic Media is also removing companion title Cry of the Tiger and the Taming the Tiger DVD.  

Authentic Media noted that Anthony "strongly defends his story", although "he acknowledges that the recent information that he has received about his early life requires him to update and clarify his story".  

The distributor added in its statement: "Our prayer in this difficult situation has been for truth, clarity and grace.  Many people have come to faith through Tony's testimony and the ministry of Avanti, and we pray their relationship with God will continue to grow and deepen.  We also pray for Tony, his family and Avanti Ministries."

Tony Anthony was contacted for comment.  

CORRECTION 16/07/2013: The original article incorrectly stated that the investigation was led by the Evangelical Alliance. Following discussions between the EA and Avanti Ministries, Avanti agreed to set up an independent panel nominated by the Alliance.