'Attack on Titan' season 2 release date, spoilers: Levi Ackerman a Reiss?

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The upcoming second season of the "Shingeki No Kyoji" adaptation is still a year away, but hardcore fans are already speculating on how the story will develop, and this time, the limelight is focused on Levi Ackerman. 

While dying as a casualty of the fight in the Reiss chapel, Kenny was gravely injured and the leader of the first interior squad presented Levi with a surprise gift – a box than contains a titan serum. 

When prodded with how and why he acquired the serum, Kenny divulged that his plot was to use the serum to turn himself into a titan and devour main protagonist Eren Yeager. It turns out that devouring a titan might give the devourer the power of the coordinate, one that controls all Titans against their will. However, Kenny learned that the highest chance of success for the coordinate power to be transferred is if the devourer is of the Reiss bloodline. Knowing that his plot has failed, Kenny then proceeded to free Eren and was gravely injured in the battle that ensued between Eren, Rod Reiss, and successor to the Reiss bloodline Historia. 

Observers now note that with the precious time left, Kenny is still plotting to acquire the power of the coordinate. His decision on what to do with the titan serum begs the question: knowing that only a Reiss can get the coordinate, did Kenny know something about Levi's past, something that Levi himself didn't know? 

Some fans note that Kenny might be hoping to augment Levi's powers, as he is already considered the strongest human soldier in the walled cities and a considerable addition to his strengths will give the humans a much better chance of battling the titans. However, since it was also revealed that Kenny is Kuchel's brother, other fans say that Kenny might know about Levi's past, especially about his father, and that Levi's father might actually be a Reiss. 

If the story takes place, then fans might see an inevitable confrontation between Levi and Eren.