Ashton Demi $10 million: Ashton Kutcher refusing Demi Moore's divorce settlement claim [VIDEO]

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore pose together in this file photo.(PA/File)

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are arguing over $10 million earned from an investment firm, with Moore saying that she is owed the money, according to reports.

The ex-couple are still trying to finalize the final details of their divorce settlement, according to ANI, and it has now been claimed that they are caught up on a large portion of money earned from an investment firm.

It is reported by ANI, that Kutcher earned about $20 million with the firm, however, Moore has said that she is entitled to half the sum.

Kutcher has allegedly pointed out though, that the money was not earned until after their split in 2011, and so he feels it is not communal money between them and that he is entitled to the full $20 million.

According to reports, Kutcher invested about $1 million while he was together with Moore. However, the return on the profit did not come back to him until after they had split up.

According to The New York Post the money was made in Kutcher's technology start-up investment firm A-Grade.

Kutcher is believed to own 20 percent of the company, which is now worth about $100 million.

Moore, as Kutcher's spouse when the investment was made, believes that she should be entitled to half – or 10 percent of the company's worth.

A source has claimed: "Ashton and Demi are still not divorced, and no settlement has been agreed, even though they have been in negotiations for over a year. Ashton made a lot of money after they married, but he doesn't believe he owes her as much as she is asking for."

Kutcher and Moore split in 2011 but have had a particularly tense back and forth about their divorce, with settlement details ongoing for more than a year now. Following their split, Kutcher has started dating actress Mila Kunis despite the fact he is still technically married to Moore. He is currently thought to be the highest-paid actor in American TV for his part on Two and a Half Men.

Here is a video on the Kutcher-Moore divorce developments:

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