Archbishop condemns Kenya church attack

The Archbishop of Kenya has joined other religious leaders in condemning a church attack in which a child died.

Nine people, including children, were injured in the explosion at St Polycarp Parish in Nairobi on Sunday.

The attack is being blamed on Al Shabaab, a Somalian Islamist group.

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala and the Bishop of Nairobi, Joel Waweru, have visited survivors in hospital.

The Archbishop said in a statement that the attackers should face the full rigor of the law.

He called upon the Government to increase security in light of recent attacks by militants.

The Archbishop added: "This is a cruel provocation but I appeal to Christians not to feed violence with violence, either in word or deed, because we are called to overcome evil with good."

General Adan Wachu, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims, appealed to people not to confuse Islam with terrorism.

He said: “Generally, we have been having problems of perceptions that these types of crimes are associated with people who profess Islam as a religion which of course is not the case.

"Religion is a different thing all together. Terrorism and terrorists have no borders, its cross cutting and we condemn them."

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