Archbishop: Be proud, not xenophobic

The Archbishop of Wales says the Welsh can be proud without being xenophobicPA

The Archbishop of Wales is encouraging the Welsh to be proud of their nation without cutting themselves off from others.

In a St David's Day service, Dr Barry Morgan says that as an emerging nation, Wales can learn from others who have trodden a similar path, particularly its near neighbours.  

"It is possible to be both proud of being Welsh nationally, culturally, linguistically without being xenophobic and cutting ourselves off from the insights of other peoples, races and nations," he will say.

The Archbishop will claim that because the devolved Welsh Government is relatively recent, there is the "temptation to think that we must plough our own unique furrow".

"Well, it is possible to be both distinctively Welsh and open to the insights of others - for all of us, in the end, belong to a global village and we impact and affect one another," he will say.

The All Wales National St David's Day service takes place today at St John the Baptist Church in Cardiff city centre.

The service has been organised by Cardiff Council and is intended as a celebration of Welsh culture and heritage.  

It is being hosted by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and will be joined by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as members of the Welsh Government and National Assembly.

The Archbishop will also challenge the nation's leaders to follow the example of Jesus and have the grace to change their minds if they lose an argument.

"It is sometimes difficult when you are the party of government or have control of a council, to let go of party ideology or views that you have always held dear and be prepared to change your mind.  Yet that is what true leadership may sometimes require," he will say.

"All of that takes courage and faith and we pray God that all of us might be open to what His spirit might be trying to say to us as we all fulfil our different tasks here in Wales."