Archaeologists think they have found the gates to King Solomon's desert fortress recorded in the Bible

(Tel Gezer Excavation Project / Steven M. Ortiz)Aside from this find, archaeologists believe they found another structure that dates from King Solomon's time.

Archaeologists in Israel have found what they believe to be the gates to a fortress recorded in the Bible – King Solomon's desert fortress.

Paul Lagno, a Bible student who participated in a five-day dig at the Biblical Tamar Park located in southern Israel, told Breaking Israel News that the recent find is proof of the Biblical structure.

Located along what is known as the Spice Route, Biblical Tamar Park is one of the oldest and most unique archaeological sites in southern Israel. According to the Blossoming Rose organization, a Christian 501(c)(3) awarded by the Israel Antiquities Authority to oversee and curate it, this 55-acre site was once a desert oasis that held great importance to world trade.

Lagno, who has worked with Blossoming Rose, said that although the archaeologists working in Israel are mostly secular, they are the ones who named the place "Biblical Tamar" because what they found correlates with the Bible's passages.

This current finding, according to Lagno, is no different.

"The Bible says that Solomon built a fortress in the desert," Lagno said, saying the current find shows "all the hallmarks of the gate of Solomon – all the hallmarks of the fortified city."

To further his claim, Lagno pointed out to what appeared to be ruins of an altar outside the gates. This, he says, correlates with the Biblical account recorded in 1 Kings 13:3, which says:

"That same day he also gave a sign: "Here is the sign which Adonai has decreed: "'The altar will be split apart; the ashes on it will be scattered about.'"

Lagno says the altar was destroyed by King Josiah, as recorded in the Bible.

Expert Disagrees

Archaeologist Dr. Tali Erickson-Gini, an expert employed by the IAA, however, disagrees with Lagno because he believes the archaeological evidence implies that the findings were from a time later than Solomon's reign. In addition,Dr. Erickson-Gini said there is no proof that the ruined altar was indeed destroyed by the Biblical King Josiah, as Lagno claims.

Shedding more light

Lagno, however, says Biblical Tamar Park is growing in its popularity among Israelis and the findings in it give more explanation to the Jewish religion as well as elucidating on the foundations of the Christian faith.

"Everybody associated with Blossoming Rose believes that God is blessing Israel, the Jews, and the nations of Israel," he says, "and now is the time to favor Israel, historically and prophetically."