Anne Graham Lotz won't vote for Hillary Clinton: 'Too many red flags there'

Anne Graham Lotz says she will support whoever wins the GOP presidential nomination.(

While her brother Rev. Franklin Graham has kept mum about the presidential candidate he will eventually support, Anne Graham Lotz is not hiding her political preference. She recently divulged that she will not vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in case she wins her party's nomination.

Lotz, who wrote the book "The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations," told Newsmax TV that she appreciates everything Clinton has done as a woman. However, Clinton has made a lot of decisions that Lotz does not agree with.

"There are just too many red flags there," she said. "Just the Benghazi situation is one and other things. There are some things there that are not right."

Lotz said the solution America needs right now is "beyond human."

"I don't think one man can make a difference, maybe make a difference in a negative or positive way but not turn this nation back to its foundation and sort things out," she continued. "It's like every day, everywhere you look there's something unbelievable happening. You cannot believe this is America."

Lotz plans to support whoever wins the GOP nomination and prays that he will help bring morality back to the American government and be a true representative of God.

"Whoever gets that nomination, and it looks like it may be Mr. [Donald] Trump, I don't know how things will fall out, I will vote for whoever gets that nomination," she said.

"And then when I vote for him, I'm going to pray for him every day. Daniel served under Nebuchadnezzar, he was like the Saddam Hussein of his day, and in the end Nebuchadnezzar gave glory to the God of Daniel because of what he saw in Daniel's life."

Meanwhile, Franklin is still busy going all around America as part of his Decision America Tour. Franklin's goal is to inspire Christians to get involved in politics and cast their votes.