Anne Graham Lotz says her father Billy Graham 'can't see' and is 'fairly deaf'

(Facebook/Billy Graham)Billy Graham now has difficulty seeing and hearing, according to his children.

In just a couple more months, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham will turn a hundred years old. It's an incredible feat for anyone to reach that age, but his daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, recently admitted that her father isn't in the best of health.

The 69-year-old founder of AnGel Ministries shared an insight on her father's health during her speech for Founder's Week 2018, which is a Bible conference held at Moody Bible Institute's Chicago campus.

"I'd be remiss if I didn't bring you greetings from my father," she said. "I'm not sure he knows that I'm here. He doesn't track like he used to, but his mind is still clear."

While Billy's mind is still in tip-top shape, the rest of his body has succumbed to old age. "He can't see; he has a hard time seeing because of macular degeneration," Lotz continued. "He's fairly deaf, I have to use a microphone and he wears a headset for me to speak to him. He's not mobile."

However, Lotz chooses to see the good in every situation, and happily remarked that her father still looks "gorgeous" with white hair and blue eyes.

"He's just gotten quieter," she said. "It's as though he's said everything he wants to say and he's tired. And so, he listens, very precious, and it's wonderful to be in his presence."

This is the same thing that her brother, Franklin, said earlier about Billy's health. "He's at home, he's resting well - he's just old. He doesn't see well, he doesn't hear very well but his mind is still good, his mind is still clear," Franklin shared with Fox and Friends

Franklin added that his father spent his entire life preaching the gospel, and even at this age, his testimony "to tell man and woman about a God that loves them" still lives on. "I'm very grateful to his faithfulness, to his message," he continued.